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Building evaluation capacity through monthly
education programs and network opportunities

Welcome to West Michigan Evaluators Network!

We are a community of practice for evaluators in West Michigan. We share a passion for effective and efficient social change and we seek to learn our craft better through regular interaction with each other. This platform is where we come together to share problems, solutions and stories.

The concept of a community of practice (CoP) assumes that there are change agents who are engaging in effective and/or efficient practices. Here we facilitate the gaining of practical knowledge from these change agents.

Ultimately, the purpose of a CoP is to increase the learning of its members. Learning occurs through the observation and imitation of others. It is a cognitive process that flows from information to imitation to innovation, all of which takes place in a social context.

If you are an evaluator seeking such a community, or if you are looking for an evaluator who has learned from such a community, you’ve come to the right place.

About us …

Purpose Statement

WMEN provides monthly educational programs
and networking opportunities to build evaluation capacity.

Who are we?

We are a mix of internal and external evaluators, evaluation educators, and evaluation students. For more information or to contact members, check out our Member Directory page.

How do we define practice?

Evaluation practice consists of all the activities normally associated with research plus a continual engagement with the evaluation stakeholders and a mindfulness of the standards and guiding principles of evaluation.

Available RFPs

Connecting evaluators with available projects is a key component of our mission. Our organization aggregates available Requests for Proposals in a weekly email. To subscribe to our RFP emails, scroll down to our ‘Get Involved’ section below, or click the folder icon at left. Together, we can make a difference.

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Evaluators as Change Agents

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